How Does This Work? Pastor Job Openings with Minister Search

Finding the right pastor job openings can be challenging to say the least. On the web you may see Pastor Job Openings all over! But, which one is the RIGHT fit for you? Where is it YOU are being called? We’ve provided some resources in the blog postings below to help pastors find open positions that fit them.

If you’re a pastor searching for a new ministry position, please CLICK HERE to see our open pastoral jobs and apply for those that interest you. Don’t see a position that interests you, click the New User button and create a file anyway – it will be confidential, and we’ll be able to keep an eye open for the type of position that interest you. As pastor jobs come open that fit your profile, our search consultants will make contact with you to discuss. Also, new pastor jobs open regularly, so keep an eye on our PASTOR JOB OPENINGS page for an up to date listing of new pastoral jobs.

What about confidentiality? We will NOT post or share your information with anyone without your approval.

What if I’m not a fit for the current pastor job openings, can you help me find another position? Minister Search’s focus is helping churches fill pastor job openings. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to find jobs for pastors. With that said, we have new pastoral jobs open all the time, so, even if we don’t have one now, things may change in the future, so please CLICK HERE and create a confidential file for future reference.

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Senior Pastor Job – MinisterSearch

MinisterSearch is excited about a great opportunity for spirit-filled Senior and Lead Pastor Candidates – this church in the Northern Alabama area (outside Huntsville) is a GREAT opportunity for someone to come in and have a tremendous impact. Check out this VIDEO a little information in the position.

This church has a strong history in the community and is well respected by many. They are looking for a Sr. Pastor who can come in and cast a strong vision, lead the team, and preach the Word in a relevant style. The Elders and Trustees are wonderful and are ready to support the Sr. Pastor in whatever ways he needs. The right candidate will be a spirit-filled, energetic leader who is progressive in their approach to ministry and leadership. He will be a relational pastor who likes being ‘with the people.’

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in learning more, please forward a cover email, resume (in WORD format), and links to videos to us at If there is a possible match, one of our search consultants will contact you for an interview.

For a list of all the MinisterSearch open positions, click here.

DENOMINATION: Non-denominational (spirit-filled)
COMPENSATION: Excellent compensation plan

The primary responsibility of the Senior Pastor is to give himself to the ministry of the Word and prayer, seeking to walk uprightly before the Lord in his personal life while seeking the mind of God on behalf of the congregation

  • He shall, in all ways, endeavor to lead and teach the congregation according to the precepts of Holy Scripture, holding true to the church’s Statement of Faith, Statement of Nature and Mission, Constitution, By-Laws and Governing Policies
  • Honor the history of the church and prepare for its future. He will help to equip the saints for the work of the ministry
  • Be faithful in the exposition of Scripture so that the congregation may grow in their understanding and application of the Word of God
  • Help protect the flock from false teaching and to unite the leadership in the shepherding of the flock (Ephesians 4:11-14; Acts 20:28)
  • Establish the vision and direction for the church, with the support of the Board of Elders
  • Be the primary spiritual leader and primary communicator of the church’s vision to staff, congregation (member, attendees, seekers), and the community at large
  • Systematically train disciples and equip the saints for the work of the ministry through personal modeling, mentoring, and programming
  • Meet regularly with the staff as a team and individually
  • Maintain regular office hours
  • Create goal ownership and a sense of shared purpose among the lay leaders through leading by example, involving others in the decision-making process, and actively participating in meetings and events
  • Conduct weddings and funeral services, perform baby dedications and baptisms as necessary
  • Visit people in the midst of crises (i.e., death, serious sickness, trauma, or other significant events), where Senior Pastoral care is required. Share in regular pastoral care when unexpected events cause the need for assistance
  • Counsel those in spiritual need and comforts bereaved, assisting persons facing problems of decisions
  • Promote care and nurture within the congregation
  • Provide education, training and counseling in all areas of Christian living
  • Oversee and guide the church members to responsible Biblical financial principles and giving through wise stewardship development
  • Encourage challenging opportunities for ministry
  • Oversee religious and education programs. He is to ensure programs and curriculums are in keeping with the overall goals and philosophy of the church
  • Lead the church in efforts to target and win the lost and un-churched in the Tennessee Valley
  • Work with the Elders to approve church budgets for all ministries
  • Responsible with the Elders to support home and foreign missions

· The Senior Pastor shall be considered the Senior Elder of the Church and shall oversee all its activities

  • He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and departments of the Church.
  • Will give leadership to the Associate and/or Assistant Pastor, Staff Elders, the professional Church staff, the Elder and Deacon boards
  • Work with an existing leadership team to achieve the stated goals of the church
  • Be in full agreement with the church’s confession of faith and constitution
  • With consultation of the Elders, oversee all staff and be responsible for the hiring and termination of any and all staff


  • At least 5 years of successful, growing ministry experience
  • A dynamic teacher and preacher
  • A passion for teaching the truth while being VERY compassionate to those he leads
  • A humble servant – NOT hung up on titles or position
  • Be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • A history and willingness to tithe to his local church
  • A love for young people
  • Ability to interact and respect all ages
  • Committed to personal regular accountability with other men of the church staff, Elders, Deacons, church membership, and with other believers outside this church o Have a demonstrated pattern of maintaining such relationships
  • Committed to maintaining a scheduled family time, including weekly-protected time and annual vacation periods

Check out this VIDEO a little information in the position. If you meet the qualifications and are interested in learning more, please forward a cover email, resume (in WORD format), and links to videos to us at If there is a possible match, one of our search consultants will contact you for an interview.

For a list of all the MinisterSearch open positions, click here.

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Church Staff – Pastor – Minister – Headhunter – Staffing Agency – Maybe?

Folks are often hesitant to use the term “headhunter” when they talk with us… I’m not sure why other than it must have some negative connotations associated with it. We will often jokingly refer to ourselves as Headhunters for God.  The reality of what we do has actually very little to do with headhunting and lots to do with finding the right match for churches, pastors, and ministers – we don’t joke about that at all. It’s serious business and we understand the significance of our role. We don’t do this to get rich or to make a deal – we do it because we love the church and our Father and believe He has given us gifts to share with others.

We are passionate about helping pastors, ministers, and churches find the right match so the churn and turnover will decrease. We have several things in place to effect that. What do you think makes the most difference?

Church Staff – Pastor – Minister – Headhunter – Staffing Agency – Maybe?

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How to Write a Ministry Resume – Church Jobs – Pastor Jobs – Ministry Jobs

The art of job seeking and resume writing is constantly changing. After reviewing thousands  at MinisterSearch, I’ve come up with 10 things to consider when writing a resume:

  1. Format – as concise, to the point, and easy to read as possible – don’t write a novel (insert smiley face here)
  2. The EXPERIENCE section is by far the most important section of the resume – use action oriented and descriptive bullet points to show how you can do the job for which you are applying
  3. The OBJECTIVE is no longer cool – your objective is the job – don’t waste the real estate
  4. Dates should be on the RIGHT – years only, no months
  5. In general, go back only 15 years unless there are SIGNIFICANT achievements before – even if your older, don’t let them know it (50 is the new 30)
  6. Don’t list run-of-the-mill skills; i.e., PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word—makes you look like you’re behind the times
  7. Send references on a separate sheet but not until you’re asked
  8. CONTACT INFO – Don’t label phone numbers, fax numbers or your address; only cell and email should be listed
  9. When you save your resume, name it so someone else understands what it is ex: david.lyons.resume.doc
  10. The things that you think are necessary – what are the things you believe should or shouldn’t be in a resume? For a sample resume visit this link and click the SAMPLE RESUME tab.

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Children’s Pastor Searches – Children’s Ministry Jobs – MinisterSearch

Take a look at some info on several Children’s Pastor searches in which we are currently engaged:

Please let us know if you are interested by emailing us at We have a number of other open positions with churches all over the country – plan to get those videos up soon.

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Pastor Jobs – Minister Jobs – How to find them?

I’m preparing a video blog to discuss how to find pastor jobs and how to find minister jobs. Should I use a church staffing firm or church staffing agency? Should I use a church headhunter? Should I use a pastor or minister recruiter? Where do I find these positions? How do I go about it?These are some of the questions I’d like to answer – what are some questions you have?

Pastor Jobs – Minister Jobs – How to find them?

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Video Blog – Church Staff Search and Recruiting Firm

Please take a look at to see some of what’s going on at MinisterSearch.

MinisterSearch is the OLDEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL full-service church staffing, search firm focused solely on ministry positions for pastors and ministers. No other search firm can compare to the experience and success of MinisterSearch. Our church staff recruiters have years of ministry and church staffing experience. Our search firm has consutled with thousands of pastors, ministers, and churches through the whole search process.

More churches trust MinisterSearch to manage their hiring process than any other search firm – this is a responsibility we take very seriously!

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First Interview – agenda

Just a few ideas on how to handle a first interview. You don’t need to cover everything, but cover as much as you can thinking “do we move to the next level or not”

I recommend an hour or so: 

  • Introduce yourself
  • Set an agenda
  • Tell him a little about you and the church
  • Ask him about his background, ministry experience, family
  • Talk a bit about the position/vision/future
  • Let him ask you some questions
  • Thank him for his time and let him know you’ll be in touch soon to discuss next steps
  • FOLLOW UP – let him know what you decide within a day or so

What do you do on a first interview?

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$50 off for the Dynamic Church Conference

Rarely do I talk about any organization other than MinisterSearch, but I do like to share resources that churches should be aware of.

I have great relationships with several of the executives at Fellowship Technologies and MANY of our clients use Fellowship One. Fellowship One is the premiere church management software, and I strongly encourage churches to consider the application.

They have offered a discount for us to share with you for the Dynamic Church Conference – Please use the PROMOTIONAL CODE – IMPACT when registering and let me know what you think about the conference and product.

The Dynamic Church Conference (DC10) will be held May 12-14, 2010, at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. DC10 is a three-day educational event focused on teaching users and developers how to effectively leverage Fellowship One. DC10 will educate and inspire churches to impact their ministries through complete utilization Fellowship One.

The goal for DC10 is to educate and inspire churches so they can impact their ministries through Fellowship One. Here are a few reasons you should attend DC10…
• Lower Cost… Register for just $249 — that’s less than half the cost of previous years! (Use the promo code IMPACT prior to March 31st to get $50 off the registration fee!)
• Education focused… DC10 will feature 60 education sessions across six tracks, 40 breakout sessions and a Consulting Lab staffed with computers and Fellowship One experts
• Dynamic Speakers… Check out featured presenters
• Developer Track… Geared specifically to application and web gurus wanting to extend the power of Fellowship One, register now for just $99
• Networking… DC10 Meet & Greet, Networking Lunch and panel discussions offer great opportunities to hear how other churches are utilizing Fellowship One to grow their ministries

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Reference Checking – Is it really necessary?

I can’t tell you how many times I had heard stories of churches that hire new staff member only to realize, later, that they didn’t find out critical information about the candidate. Why? One reason is they didn’t do the necessary referencing for the candidate. Several of the mistakes I see churches make:

  • They put too much weight on candidates who they know or who come referred from someone they know – these (candidates with who there is already some relationship) require even more diligence and objectivity
  • They don’t “really” do reference checks – meaning, they do referencing as part of the checklist to get the candidate hired instead of using it as a tool to determine if the candidate will fit or not and/or they don’t do references with people who can speak to a candidate’s professional/ministry experience and their capacity for growth – instead they talk with personal references of the candidate
  • They don’t ask the tough questions – you MUST ask for examples of how the candidate has handled conflict, dig to find out what the candidate’s weaknesses are, and ask the reference, point-blank, would this candidate be your first choice if you were making this hire?
  • They don’t do secondary reference checks – call references who are not on the candidate’s list 

How important is reference checking to you? What’s something that has happened, in your own experience, with reference checking?

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