I’m becoming that guy I didn’t like…

“It will all work out…” – “God is good…” – “He has a plan and it’s better than mine…” Blah, blah, blah – or hearing the “adult voices” from old Charlie Brown cartoons is how those quotes used to sound to me.

NOW, I find myself saying those very things that used to bother me so (and not too long ago).  I’m realizing that those things are so true. However, It’s taken a tremendous amount of brokenness, pain, and introspection to recognize some of those truths. I’ve got a feeling there’s a lot more left…

With that said, I MUST recognize those type quotes can be hurtful as I communicate with those who are struggling with their relationship and/or belief in God. I must also remember what had to happen in my life for me to begin to appreciate those truths.

Instead of just making those statements, I need to, instead, encourage those with whom I’m talking. Share with them my understanding that sometimes we (and many in scripture) questionour Creator. Over time, MANY godly men struggled with their faith. That doesn’t support or encourage a lack of faith, it just acknowledges the reality of humanity and our lack of faith at different times in our life.

I must also be patient – instead of just making a statement of how good God is, (nothing wrong with that) I should share steps that worked for me to help grow my faith in Him:

1. Recognizing my questions, resentments, frustration first
2. telling God about them
3. telling another
4. then trying to step out of my self-pity or selfish position by turning my thoughts toward someone else I can help

Most every time, things end up better than they were. My faith grows in the REAL LIFE and PERSONAL experience of God’s redemption in MY life. BUT – “their” faith may not… in other words, me telling someone how good He is may not hold the weight of them experiencing it for themselves.

I hope God will continue to remind me of where I’ve been and how I felt when others spoke the way they did.

Peace and love – but most of all LOVE!



About davidjlyons

grateful one who has learned many things the hard way - and expects there are many more lessons to come...
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One Response to I’m becoming that guy I didn’t like…

  1. Malik says:

    Remain honest and this will clean all dirt. Then you will see LOVE.

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