Church Hiring Process – move quickly or lose

We just finished a search for one of the “100 fastest growing” churches in the U.S. (it took 3 weeks from the time we first me the candidate to the time he was offered the position). This is a church that has continued to have ministry success year in and year out. There are a number of reasons this is happening, but one is their ability to move quickly in executing their plans. 

More specifically, when adding staff, the sr. leadership team is very intentional about taking candidates through a deep, rigorous hiring process. What’s interesting is their ability to do this without delaying the process. In fact, I don’t know of a church that has higher standards/qualifications for incoming staff, yet they move much faster than other churches when making a hire. 

Typically, quality candidates don’t last long. WHY? There are very few candidates who have the capacity to lead and thrive in an environment like this (high-level), and when they come available, churches try to snatch them up. Candidates are also looking at how effective and efficient a church is in the hiring process. WHY? The hiring process is a great indicator of how decisions are made and plans executed in the context in which they’ll be working… A question they’ll ask themselves – If the church is slow-moving in the hiring process, then what will it be like when I get there? 

If you’re looking to hire an “A” candidate to add to your staff, develop a streamlined process that will get you ALL the information you need to make a decision and work quickly through that process. 

What is your experience with the hiring process within the church world?


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