We’re a team!!!

Recently a church made an offer to a candidate for a sr. level position. At the 11th hour (literally late that night), the candidate contacted the church and asked if his wife could be hired as his assistant.

There was no opening on the admin team – there also hadn’t been any discussion about this throughout the process. The church grew concerned over this candidate’s thinking and how he would handle future leadership decisions if he had been hired. The church rescinded the offer.

What should this guy have done differently?
Should spouses be considered when interviewing for a pastoral position?


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3 Responses to We’re a team!!!

  1. Chris Hahn says:

    I don’t think the spouse should be considered as an employment consideration, but I do think that she should be involved at some level. When I recently applied for a ministry job, I asked how much my wife could be involved – but not as a paid position. Some churches really encourage it, some really want a clearly defined line about employment rules and boundaries.

    Personally, I don’t think there is enough clarity in this area.

    • davidjlyons says:

      I agree Chris. It’s important to have a good understanding of expectations. You are so right – different churches have different expecations and most don’t communicate them very well.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Peter says:

    The spouse should definitely be considered at some level. If the spouse has a lot of trouble in some very obvious areas (gossip, anger, others) that could negatively impact the church’s ministry and the effectiveness of the leader.

    It sounds like this was a warning being raised in this case. I guess this is just another area to discuss in the hiring process, though my church doesn’t really have this issue – nobody has assistants as paid staff. We’re too small for that. 🙂

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