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The art of job seeking and resume writing is constantly changing. After reviewing thousands  at MinisterSearch, I’ve come up with 10 things to consider when writing a resume:

  1. Format – as concise, to the point, and easy to read as possible – don’t write a novel (insert smiley face here)
  2. The EXPERIENCE section is by far the most important section of the resume – use action oriented and descriptive bullet points to show how you can do the job for which you are applying
  3. The OBJECTIVE is no longer cool – your objective is the job – don’t waste the real estate
  4. Dates should be on the RIGHT – years only, no months
  5. In general, go back only 15 years unless there are SIGNIFICANT achievements before – even if your older, don’t let them know it (50 is the new 30)
  6. Don’t list run-of-the-mill skills; i.e., PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word—makes you look like you’re behind the times
  7. Send references on a separate sheet but not until you’re asked
  8. CONTACT INFO – Don’t label phone numbers, fax numbers or your address; only cell and email should be listed
  9. When you save your resume, name it so someone else understands what it is ex: david.lyons.resume.doc
  10. The things that you think are necessary – what are the things you believe should or shouldn’t be in a resume? For a sample resume visit this link and click the SAMPLE RESUME tab.


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grateful one who has learned many things the hard way - and expects there are many more lessons to come...
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4 Responses to How to Write a Ministry Resume – Church Jobs – Pastor Jobs – Ministry Jobs

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  2. @godsguru says:

    I caught an article on mashable about using a dynamic resume website, as an addendum to your resume for a more characterized/personalized version of “you” and/or your resume? Any thoughts?

  3. davidjlyons says:

    @godguru I believe being creative and unique can help, but it can also be too much (if hard to understand, the person looking at the resume may just move on). The candidate should really consider the person reviewing the resume if at all possible. The church world is typically a little behind coporate america, so we’re suggesting that candidate use video in addition to a written resume to set themselves apart and to make things more personal

  4. Church Jobs says:

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