How Does This Work? Pastor Job Openings with Minister Search

Finding the right pastor job openings can be challenging to say the least. On the web you may see Pastor Job Openings all over! But, which one is the RIGHT fit for you? Where is it YOU are being called? We’ve provided some resources in the blog postings below to help pastors find open positions that fit them.

If you’re a pastor searching for a new ministry position, please CLICK HERE to see our open pastoral jobs and apply for those that interest you. Don’t see a position that interests you, click the New User button and create a file anyway – it will be confidential, and we’ll be able to keep an eye open for the type of position that interest you. As pastor jobs come open that fit your profile, our search consultants will make contact with you to discuss. Also, new pastor jobs open regularly, so keep an eye on our PASTOR JOB OPENINGS page for an up to date listing of new pastoral jobs.

What about confidentiality? We will NOT post or share your information with anyone without your approval.

What if I’m not a fit for the current pastor job openings, can you help me find another position? Minister Search’s focus is helping churches fill pastor job openings. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to find jobs for pastors. With that said, we have new pastoral jobs open all the time, so, even if we don’t have one now, things may change in the future, so please CLICK HERE and create a confidential file for future reference.


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One Response to How Does This Work? Pastor Job Openings with Minister Search

  1. Thanks for the outstanding information! I will passed this along to those whom it may help out. God Bless.

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